New work – new title!

I’m delighted to report that my two new works were very well received at the brilliant           Art in the Aisles at Kenton village church last weekend.  So much local talent on display and a wonderfully enjoyable village event for all ages – many thanks to Elli and Jane for organizing it.

I challenged visitors to find a budgie hiding in the Cockatoo picture and have decided to re-name the piece: Perching Cockatoo, Hidden Budgie


Can you see it? (Apologies that the image is a little small for this challenge!)

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6 Responses to New work – new title!

  1. Leeann says:

    Yes I can see the budgie!

  2. Sabina Ayne says:

    Is it just above the head in blue? I did find Belle, however!

  3. Satu YCbell says:

    I only came across your artwork a few days ago through Twitter, and I was immediately inspired to use a similar technique to fix a sweater! Here’s my blog post about that:

    Your art is truly delightful, Jane!

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