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Thank you for Froggy Ideas!

Many thanks for all suggestions for going forward with the frog – everyone has suggested a different solution but the clear message is not to abandon him! I’ll  finish the iguana first (going well) and then see if I can … Continue reading

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Demise of the Freaky Frog?

I started making this frog at the beginning of December and just got stuck! My intention was to make a fun and quirky piece using dolls heads for the bumpy skin as well as other doll parts, but it just … Continue reading

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New Iguana off to a Great Start

Three days ago, I started work on an iguana – wonderful colours of blue, orange, black and white – but also with many surprising hues of other colours too. Work has begun in a frenzy of enthusiasm – first laying … Continue reading

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The Diva

Presenting the new tiger, provisionally called “The Diva”, due to the inclusion of a plastic key-ring decoration which says ‘Diva Drive’:

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Tiger Nearing Completion

Working today on the final glue layer of the new tiger – my least favourite job. It’s very messy – Mod Podge glue on a paintbrush between the materials, wiping off excess and using tweezers to remove any lumps or … Continue reading

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A Great Leap Forward!

Car boot sales are not allowed during lockdown so my most accessible source of materials has dried up.  I’ve been slightly concerned about finding enough ‘stuff’ to produce work for the exhibition – the tiger and frog were stuck for … Continue reading

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