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General Update

Today I’ve delivered my Beethoven diptych (Composer Decomposed) to Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton to submit it for their bi-annual Open Exhibition (June 2 – August 25). This work was rejected by the RA for their Summer Exhibition so I … Continue reading

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Who was St Roch?

An lady called Alison (English living in France) has commented on my Blog entry about St Roch. She says My understanding of St Roch is a little bit different from yours. He’s quite a Big Thing in this area of France. She … Continue reading

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The Pretty v Quirky Dilemma

I’m facing the old chestnut of how to use quirky materials in a portrait of a beautiful woman, while retaining both interest and beauty. Currently, I’m working on a commission (a new subject) which was not going well. I contacted the … Continue reading

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