Introducing The Revolutionary Feminist Iguana

Here’s my latest Fabulous Beast – The Revolutionary Feminist Iguana…

This one was great fun to make – I love the colours and am so happy with it.

Some details – the small textile sample (bottom R in image below L) is something I made during my degree course using heat-shrinking fabric (I can’t remember the name), beads and orange fishing line found on my local beach.

(Meanwhile, the frog remains unfinished, awaiting its fate…)



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Thank you for Froggy Ideas!

Many thanks for all suggestions for going forward with the frog – everyone has suggested a different solution but the clear message is not to abandon him! I’ll  finish the iguana first (going well) and then see if I can find a way to resolve Froggy…

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Demise of the Freaky Frog?

I started making this frog at the beginning of December and just got stuck! My intention was to make a fun and quirky piece using dolls heads for the bumpy skin as well as other doll parts, but it just looks ugly and ‘clunky’. I don’t like the puce colour of the doll parts and I have concerns that, over time, the plastic of the older dolls may become brittle and shatter. I’m about to dismantle it! (I’ve already picked pieces from the face.) Does anyone think it’s worth saving/persevering?? Sometimes you just have to admit defeat.

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New Iguana off to a Great Start

Three days ago, I started work on an iguana – wonderful colours of blue, orange, black and white – but also with many surprising hues of other colours too. Work has begun in a frenzy of enthusiasm – first laying down key pieces from which I can project/foresee how the finished piece will turn out. Having not used blue materials for a while, I’ve collected a lot of interesting blue things which makes the process faster and easier. I’ve been working on it more or less continuously for three days – the perfect activity for cold rainy days during a lockdown!

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The Diva

Presenting the new tiger, provisionally called “The Diva”, due to the inclusion of a plastic key-ring decoration which says ‘Diva Drive’:

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Tiger Nearing Completion

Working today on the final glue layer of the new tiger – my least favourite job. It’s very messy – Mod Podge glue on a paintbrush between the materials, wiping off excess and using tweezers to remove any lumps or stringy bits of glue from the glue gun.

I still have the background to complete tomorrow – but nearly there!

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A Great Leap Forward!

Car boot sales are not allowed during lockdown so my most accessible source of materials has dried up.  I’ve been slightly concerned about finding enough ‘stuff’ to produce work for the exhibition – the tiger and frog were stuck for lack of materials to finish them. However, I’ve spent the last two days (dull and drizzly) in my work room – tidying up/sorting out/ clearing some space. It’s been so cathartic!

Not only have I cleared my mind and lost that guilty feeling (I’d been putting off the job for a long time) but I also discovered long-buried materials I didn’t know were there. It’s as if  a whole load of new supplies have arrived – and with it, new inspiration for work. Hooray!

Nothing from the cull will be wasted – I’ve recently discovered that Rachel (who helps with our garden) makes Steam Punk Art. She can use materials which I can’t – eg very heavy jewellery and metal chains. Rachel’s eyes light up when I give her anything, just as mine do when I get a new materials. Win-win.

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Slow progress

Last week I met with Derry, manager of Powderham Castle. It now seems unlikely that the Fabulous Beasts exhibition will start before July because of Covid. As this gives me more time to produce work, I’m happy!

So far I’ve only completed 2 pieces for the show (lion and fallow deer) so I have a very long way to go! The half-finished frog has been put to one side for now while I work out how to finish it. A new tiger is in progress but I’ve been struggling with it this week. As so often happens, removing rather than adding a few pieces has led to instant improvement! Hopefully I’ll be posting an image soon.


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An Unusual Message

Janec and I have been communicating about our forthcoming joint exhibition at Powderham Castle (which will probably now open in July.) This morning he sent an email saying  “I skinned a huge squirrel yesterday”.

Now that’s something you don’t hear every day!

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New Website Launched!

I am delighted to announce that my new website launched yesterday. Woohoo!!

The old site was looking cluttered and tired. I’ve reduced the number of images and text, and the new site looks cleaner and more modern.

I’m so grateful for the help of two good friends (IT whizz kids!) – Gillian who got it started and Casey who got it finished!

The new site is in the name of Jane Perkins, but I’m keeping ‘bluebowerbird’ as my email address. Either name will take you to the website. Please take a look!

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