Cinderella wins prize

Congratulations to my talented sister-in-law, mosaicist Cornelia Altemuller whose work Cinderella has just won the People’s Choice award in an exhibition at Finissage, Germany.

Cornelia exhibits in the Red Propeller gallery, Kingsbridge and her work can be seen on her website


Cornelia with her prize-winning work, Cinderella

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The Fascinating Creations of Janec van Veen

On Saturday, I visited Janec van Veen’s exhibition in Teignmouth as part of Devon Open Studios. I urge anyone in the vicinity to visit if they can – a rare opportunity to see something unique and exciting in Devon. Janec’s ‘wondrous chimeric creatures’ are sometimes macabre, sometimes playful and charming, but always totally fascinating.

Janec’s work entitled Spiritus Mundi has just won this year’s artist’s prize of £500 in Teignmouth  T.R.A.I.L.


With a nod to Damien Hirst, his jewel encrusted skull reveals a pulsating moth beneath a heart-shaped aperture


The Manifest Suffering in the World is Inconsistent with the existence of an Omnipotent, benevolent God

Below, Janec’s most recent work, Light Bearer (Athene Prometheus)

Delicate and beautiful, the creature holds a tiny light within a real preserved dandelion clock


Light Bearer


Janec with his father, Lukas

Catch Janec’s show on Sept 16, 17, 18 and 23, 24, 25 at Mere Haven, 28 Dawlish Street, Teignmouth, TQ14 8TB  01626 779232

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Delighted to announce …

Yesterday I received the People’s Choice Award for King of the Beasts from Thelma Hulbert Open. Many thanks to everyone who voted for me!


King of the Beasts - Copy

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Terrifying new work in progress!

I’m making a new Great Wave (after Hokusai) for the ‘Contemporary Classics Two’ exhibition to be held at Words and Pictures gallery in Teignmouth in November.

This will be a collaboration with Anna Grayson who makes photographic re-creations of famous works of art, often using herself and her husband Des as models. (Very funny!)

I will be showing some originals, along with prints, cards and calendars. I’m having great fun creating this Great Wave, using lots of references to impending doom. This work might be kept for my family as I sold the first very reluctantly – so I’ve given myself license to include anything for my own amusement!

Here are 3 ‘taster’ images of work in progress – all excess glue will be removed at the end…














Below – Jason Noble, owner of Words and Pictures with Anna Grayson at the gallery after our planning meetingIMG_0833




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“and it was all yellow”

Here’s the other part of the commission for Fox TV…


It was quite a hard remit for me – to use only ‘bling’ and decorative items such as the character Carol would use – no toys. With a tight deadline and a shortage of yellow materials, I searched many previously un-visited charity shops and boot sales – with Coldplay’s song “Yellow” going round and round in my head!! Of course, now I no longer need it, I am seeing yellow things everywhere!

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Fox TV Commission

I recently completed a commission for Fox TV in USA – for publicity material for the forthcoming Series 3 of a comedy show called Last Man on Earth.

I’ve had to keep this under wraps until they confirmed they would be using my work  (they are!!) and gave permission for me to share it.

I was asked to make a double portrait of the 2 main stars, Will Forte and Kristen Schaal

LMOE Janeplus a separate square of ‘yellow’ to be cloned to expand the background for advertising posters. We don’t have the show here in the UK so if any of my US Blog followers spot a poster, please tell me – or better still, send me a photo!!

In the meantime, here’s the first link to the online advert:

The Last Man on Earth‘s Season 3 Key Art is Bedazzling


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Frida Kahlo Finished!

Thank you so much to Ali who commented on my previous blog and gave me the confidence to remove much of Frida’s nose and start again!                                                       Finally I am happy, and here she is…


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