Surprising News

Today I had very surprising news from Jason Noble, owner of Words and Pictures gallery in Teignmouth – that my work is featured in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Annual for 2019! His children were given the book for Christmas and he was very surprised to find me in it. (I had no idea!)

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Who is she?

This came via email (thanks Loren!) What a great picture!

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Conceptual Art

In conceptual art the idea or concept of the work is more important than the work itself.

I will be entering a conceptual piece (not my usual style!) into a local exhibition at TAAG (Teignmouth, Devon) from 23 Feb – 1 Mar 2019. The varied exhibition is called Digging for Victory:

Intrigued? Do come along!

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New Year – New News!

Much has happened since Christmas…

The 14 prints have been completed and sent to Germany – I’ve just heard that the last four arrived this morning. (Many thanks to Mike (Formatrix, Crockernwell, Devon) for a beautiful job.) Now I have to wait until the end of Jan to hear if they will be accepted for the Eco-photographic festival in Zingst, N Germany May 25 – June 30 2019.

Frida (the original work) arrived safely in San Francisco Bay last week and Frida (the print) has arrived safely in Bendigo, Australia.

Best news of all is that a friend called in last weekend and my husband randomly showed him the kennel shrine while I was at the supermarket. He fell in love with it and has bought it! I am so happy that it has found a new home with an art lover and collector of quirky things!

I am about to start work on 3 new pieces – 2 commissions and a new (different) lion that I really want to do. He has a gorgeous kind face!

The commissions are interesting too. One is for a Monet Waterlilies measuring 65cm x 65cm which is rather small. The client has requested ‘less buttons, more stuff‘ so I anticipate using larger components with a more abstract result.

The second is to create an interpretation of a vintage poster of mermen from Saint Sebastien. The client lives in the Caribbean where the poster was destroyed in a hurricane a few years ago. The image is in a limited palette of subtle colours (see left) and  I need to piece together different sections of the picture – I think this one will be a challenge!

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Happy Christmas to all!

Almost Christmas and it seems my Father Christmas picture has been doing the rounds of social media again this year! I’ve had several requests for prints and Christmas cards – I’ll look into the possibility of having some printed for next year so please keep a look out for news on my Blog!

Meanwhile, here’s Angel (from a painting by Pre-Raphaelite artist John Melluish Strudwick) which I made back in 2012 (but have not shown previously on this Blog.)

I’ve recently revised the face (for the third time) but am still not quite happy with the shading…

Happy Christmas everyone!


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Introducing Leonard

So the final 4 works have gone to be photographed and made print-worthy.                      The new lion is named Leonard after actor Leonard Nimoy (aka Spock) as there are several Star Trek dolls (from a local charity shop) in the mane:

The kennel Shrine has returned from exhibition and is again taking up too much space at home! I’m trying to think of somewhere where it could provide a focus of interest/talking point (not necessarily for sale but open to offers) like a window display to draw people into a shop…

Any ideas???

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It’s been a while …

It’s been a while since I last posted any news so here goes …

I’ve been approached by an agent to submit 14 prints for an international Environmental Photography Festival in Zingst, North Germany in June 2019. (Google it for videos of 2018 – it looks amazing and I hope to visit.) Over the years, I’ve had a few works photographed professionally but it’s too expensive to do this every time. So I have some suitable images (high enough resolution for prints), but needed more to make the total 14 requested.

Two works I have at home can be photographed. Plus, a recently completed commission of Frida Kahlo for a lady in USA will be made into a print.

Currently, I am working on a new Lion to complete the 14. The same prints will be shown in various shopping malls around Europe – 3 in Poland, 2 in Portugal for 2 weeks each time, then Germany and ?New York?? Keeping me busy for now! Then two more commissions which look interesting.

The kennel is currently on display at The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey, Devon in an exhibition by recycling artists – TRAIL@14 – until November 27.


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