Quirky new work – The Great Wave

Hokusai - CopySometimes I struggle over a work and it takes weeks to finish (The Woman in Gold). Sometimes work goes together like a dream – as in the just-completed The Great Wave, after Hokusai,  based on a famous woodcut by the Japanese artist. The whalers in the boats have been replaced with little heads and some alien-like dolls in the foremost boat. At the heart of the wave is a 2-headed sea monster – great fun to make!

This piece and the Sunflowers from Amsterdam  are now in the Red Propeller Gallery, Kingsbridge.

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4 Responses to Quirky new work – The Great Wave

  1. Ruthie says:

    What a fabulous piece! I have a longstanding love of ‘The Great Wave’, and it’s been on my mind to create a version of it in silver. We must be on the same wavelength – pun intended – and you’ve done it fabulous, modern, justice. Well done!

    • janeperkins says:

      Thanks Ruthie – so happy you like it!
      I’ve just taken a look at the beautiful jewellery on your website – and I love your blog about the Fibonacci sequence
      I think you should definitely make your version of The Great Wave in silver!

  2. Crystal Baird says:

    Love it! Especially the foam of the waves….

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