Sunflowers from Amsterdam

Yellow Sunflowers - CopyInspired by my trip to Amsterdam, I have just completed the version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers which I saw there. The background is painted as I felt the flowers would be too camouflaged and ‘disappear’ within a background of found things. (I tried making this piece once before and ended up changing the background to turquoise for contrast.)

Today I finally collected the Golden Wedding portrait from the framer – it has taken a while to organise and make the oak frame but it looks fantastic. Clients to collect it next week so I really hope they will be happy with it!

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3 Responses to Sunflowers from Amsterdam

  1. Nancy van Oss says:

    Dear Jane,

    Thansk a lot for sending me the
    flowers of Van Goch, you are a great artist , fantastic thanks.
    Greeting , Nancy

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