New Klimt Kiss

So the Klimt Kiss Close-up is finally finished (photo below)

I’ve been making several last minute changes: Substitution of golds for browns in the cloak/mantle around the figures. The flowers in the woman’s hair had been red roses until yesterday when some perfect white daisies arrived in a box in the post! Finally, I added some copper sequins to the background. With every work, there comes a point when I have to say “Enough – it’s finished!”

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5 Responses to New Klimt Kiss

  1. merstew007 says:

    Jane, you talent continues to astound me. I love that you poke around and change things and then HAVE TO STOP! 🥰 I love this piece. Amazing …like the ones from you that I look at everyday in my home and give me great joy! Love, Meredith

  2. Lauri Muhonen says:

    Jane, I have admired your work for some time now. I create stained glass mosaics, but I want to enter a show soon, and one of the parameters is that we must use unusual materials. I have quite a stash of plastic bits and baubles and would like to try my hand at using them. I’ve read through some of your blogs and see that you use a glue gun and a PVA glue afterward. Is there a certain type of hot glue that works best? What is the reason for the PVA? Also, do you paint the background before gluing pieces down? Thank you for your help.

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Lauri
      I’ll send you an email x

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Lauri
      I’ve just realised I don’t have your email address!
      I use a very basic hot glue gun – items can then be moved about if you’re not happy with their position. The glue isn’t totally secure, hence the need for PVA glue afterwards, which also helps remove the stringy bits of glue gun. Quite messy! Tweezers are essential.
      You do need some colour underneath – either by painting, or using an image – I recommend schools to use a photocopy.
      Hope this helps! Jane x

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