Chameleon – work in progress

I’ve been working (on and off) for a month on a commission of a chameleon for a couple who love chameleons, and particularly the shape of their feet! 

The client gave me some personal items to use in the work, with special meaning for his family. These included guitar picks, sewing machine bobbins, gold charms, Carcassonne game pieces, letter beads, a cork and a mussel shell.

Getting the feet right has been very challenging! They started off as in image (left) but I wasn’t totally happy with the shape and the client suggested adding claws – I had three attempts but none was right…






To make the claws fit, I tried changing the shape of the foot to be longer and thinner, and widening the branch – but these no longer looked like the ‘mitten feet’ which the clients love.

So… I scraped off the feet and leg to start again. With differently shaped feet, the thickness and angle of the branch was wrong. Finally, I’ve brightened up the colours in the front leg a little. The client is happy (Phew!) and I feel able to apply the final glue layer and put in the background. I’ll post again when the work is finished… (Getting There!)

















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4 Responses to Chameleon – work in progress

  1. Julia Barnard says:

    Love this, Jane! Such an awesome idea to do custom work with clients’s sentimental items… Love the green!

  2. Hilary Lazarus says:


    Hilary Lazarus 0414 442 414


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