Demise of the Freaky Frog?

I started making this frog at the beginning of December and just got stuck! My intention was to make a fun and quirky piece using dolls heads for the bumpy skin as well as other doll parts, but it just looks ugly and ‘clunky’. I don’t like the puce colour of the doll parts and I have concerns that, over time, the plastic of the older dolls may become brittle and shatter. I’m about to dismantle it! (I’ve already picked pieces from the face.) Does anyone think it’s worth saving/persevering?? Sometimes you just have to admit defeat.

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10 Responses to Demise of the Freaky Frog?

  1. yfaus says:

    Oh Jane….I was just thinking I LOVE THE COLORS and the doll parts etc etc…..sometimes our Muse knows better than we do ;o) If it is sendable I will buy it ;o)

    Yvonne Irvin-Faus MyELEMENTS


  2. US Jane says:

    I’m not sure about the black circles around the doll heads on the back. Otherwise I think it’s great! I don’t mind the color either. If you can find some UV protection to put over the plastic of the heads that will protect them from getting brittle.

    Wonderful as always!

    • janeperkins says:

      Thanks Jane
      I felt it needed the black rings to add depth and balance the black around the eye.
      I’ve decided to return to it after finishing the iguana – see if I can find a way through…

  3. Sean says:

    I would keep it up. You don’t know what the lesson is yet. Keep in the process.

  4. Nancy Erickson Dutmer says:

    I really like the doll parts. Just do a paint wash over them if you want to change colors and then clear coat like you do! _Nancy


  5. Debbie Darnell says:

    Hi Jane,
    I love it too…definitely continue on…maybe a bit of gold bling etc on froggie.
    Deb 😍

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