A Great Leap Forward!

Car boot sales are not allowed during lockdown so my most accessible source of materials has dried up.  I’ve been slightly concerned about finding enough ‘stuff’ to produce work for the exhibition – the tiger and frog were stuck for lack of materials to finish them. However, I’ve spent the last two days (dull and drizzly) in my work room – tidying up/sorting out/ clearing some space. It’s been so cathartic!

Not only have I cleared my mind and lost that guilty feeling (I’d been putting off the job for a long time) but I also discovered long-buried materials I didn’t know were there. It’s as if  a whole load of new supplies have arrived – and with it, new inspiration for work. Hooray!

Nothing from the cull will be wasted – I’ve recently discovered that Rachel (who helps with our garden) makes Steam Punk Art. She can use materials which I can’t – eg very heavy jewellery and metal chains. Rachel’s eyes light up when I give her anything, just as mine do when I get a new materials. Win-win.

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2 Responses to A Great Leap Forward!

  1. US Jane says:

    Do you need certain colors, etc? I have several million buttons, I’m sure. Let me know!

  2. janeperkins says:

    Hi Jane – Thank you but I do have lots of buttons and prefer to use a mixture of materials. But it’s a really kind offer. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner – I’ve just realised that since I’ve set up the new site, I’ve not been getting a notification when someone leaves a comment. I’ll look into it.
    I do hope all is well with you – we’re watching CNN right now – the Trump impeachment trial x

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