A Different Way of Working

I have started a new piece – a close-up of a Puffin from a client’s own photo. I am using a recycled base (which I’ve scraped off and painted) and materials provided by the client. This is quite a random selection of items!

I started by sorting all the collected materials into colours and am trying to use as many of these personal items as possible before adding any extra materials of my own. There are a few items I’ll probably exclude as I’ll need to restrict the colour scheme. However, I think most items can be accomodated in the background of grass and flowers, even if they can’t be used for the Puffin itself. We shall see – an interesting exercise and I’m enjoying the challenge.

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2 Responses to A Different Way of Working

  1. Brenda Boyd says:

    If you were in the US, I would send you a lot of jewelry parts and beads just to know they are going to a good home. Ephemera also! I recognize so many pieces you put in your work and many are hard to find….and just the right piece!

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