The Hierarchy of Stages

Well I’ve nearly finished the Madonna and Child – only the final glue layer to do. But this is absolutely my least favourite stage of the process and I’m putting it off! My framer has re-opened (after locking down as a non-essential business) with a new appointment system. I’ve booked in to take the work for framing in 5 days time – nothing like a deadline to make me finish the job!

In order of enjoyment, I would list the stages of a work like this:

1. Anticipation of starting a new work – the best bit

2. Starting – placing interesting key materials – addictive and I can’t stop working

3. Filling in the gaps – it has to be done

4. Final glue layer – laborious, messy, boring

Because of this, I couldn’t resist starting another piece before finishing the Madonna!      See next post…

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3 Responses to The Hierarchy of Stages

  1. Julia Barnard says:

    Hi Jane! ( Here again from Texas in US.😄) Wondering what the purpose of the ‘glue wash’ at the end of your work is? I’ve done a couple of works like this, and tried a wash of glue over them….Wound up struggling to get it off, cause just made it look filmy. What think? Thx, Julia Barnard

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Julia
      I do it to make the whole piece more secure, especially if it needs to be shipped abroad. My technique has got better – I now use Modpodge and use a small paintbrush to put it between the materials, rather then over them, wiping off the excess with a damp cloth.

  2. Julia Barnard says:

    Thx, Jane!

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