The Pretty v Quirky Dilemma

I’m facing the old chestnut of how to use quirky materials in a portrait of a beautiful woman, while retaining both interest and beauty.

Currently, I’m working on a commission (a new subject) which was not going well. I contacted the client to ask whether he preferred the style of Adele (small pieces) or the more stylized Madonna and Child (below). He chose the latter so it’s ‘back to the drawing board’. Deadline looming and I’m feeling mild panic!


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2 Responses to The Pretty v Quirky Dilemma

  1. Anna Cull says:

    Just to clarify… I am ‘liking’ your fantastic artworks and not your feeling of mild panic. All the best with the creative process (and the outcome). Anna

  2. janeperkins says:

    Thanks Anna – it’s going better today! Panic is receding! Jane

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