General Update

Today I’ve delivered my Beethoven diptych (Composer Decomposed) to Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton to submit it for their bi-annual Open Exhibition (June 2 – August 25). This work was rejected by the RA for their Summer Exhibition so I hope I will have more luck at THG!

I’ve also applied for the TRAIL exhibition at Devon Guild of Craftsmen (November). My two pictures were not selected but they do want to display Shrine (the kennel) Yay!!

I’ve almost finished the portrait commission. (Audrey Hepburn – I realize I mentioned her name in my April 9 Blog). I was really struggling with her – and her cat! (see Blog May 10) Having emailed the client for his opinion, I stripped everything off the board except Audrey’s eyes and started again. The looser stylized look has worked far better and I am now happy with her. Just waiting for some blingy earrings to arrive from ebay! (I’ll post an image once the client has received her.)

Working on Audrey has had me musing on the randomness of my work. Often, after I’ve finished a work, an item that would have been perfect for that work turns up – but it’s too late. If only I’d looked in Box A instead of Box B … the result would have been a different picture. But just as in Life generally, it’s no good thinking ‘what if’ or ‘if only’…

Next work: Two Van Gogh landscapes for a cruise ship. Exciting!

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1 Response to General Update

  1. Jane says:

    Why on earth would your incredible work not be accepted? Just knowing that will make me feel better as my journey begins. When my work gets rejected I will remember this and it will make me feel better!

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