News for the New Year

Before looking forward to 2015, I’d thought it might be interesting to give an update on items I posted in 2014…

On a positive note, Woman at Stupa (posted April 24) has gone to her new home in Jersey and Kiss Me Kate (June 15) is now in New York. 88 Shades of Grey (Aug 12) was sold through the London Gallery and Starry Night (Aug 30) has found a home in Manchester.

On a less positive note, I abandoned the Ming Vase idea (Oct 22) which proved very  unexciting! After months of waiting, the USA jigsaw company informed me (only last week) that they do not wish to proceed with the idea of using my work on puzzles. At the market research stage, not enough people ‘got it’!  I am very philosophical – some things work out and some things don’t. I still have these works available to sell so nothing is lost.

Yesterday in the post, I received a book from China to which I had contributed some months ago and almost forgotten. Called Sustainable Living: Green Design, it features art and design from recycled materials by a wide range of contributors. Fascinating work and I am delighted to have had 10 images included.

So…to 2015…

I have just entered 2 works for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – no idea if I’ll get accepted but I wanted to try. The first round of judging is from digital images – the outcome will be sent by email on March 13th. I have submitted Mona Lisa (image posted Aug 30) and a new Sunflowers – see detail below.

JP_010 focus 4, Sat Dec 13, 2014,  4:38:32 PM, 16C, 10666x12300,  (0+1170), 133%, JP_009 No Pol ,  1/10 s, R42.2, G40.8, B59.7I am now working on the second of 3 works for a recycling exhibition in Kuwait in April.                 Also in April will the exhibition at Exeter University being organised by Calmare (see post Nov 13) for which I have made one piece of work (Einstein.)

And after that…?

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2 Responses to News for the New Year

  1. Crystal says:

    Congratulations on your sales and recent publication! The puzzle publisher’s lack of vision in no way diminishes the whimsical beauty of the piece. From my perspective, they didn’t “get it” from the moment they suggested the doll lips weren’t perfect. your work is delightful!

  2. janeperkins says:

    Hi Crystal
    Thanks so much for your kind words. Onwards and upwards! Jane x

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