News of Spring Exhibitions

Still working on the 3 pieces for Kuwait – exhibition in April but dates yet to be confirmed. One of these works is a portrait of an Egyptian opera singer named Umm Kulthum – requested by the organisers as she is very famous in Kuwait. (I’d never heard of her either!) I’m really enjoying working on a subject I’ve never tackled before. Part of the proceeds from this show will be donated to an organisation supporting waste pickers in developing countries.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has undergone an update for 2105 – in the main entrance hall, there is now a rolling digital display showing works by various artists, all inspired by Van Gogh. I am honoured that one of my Sunflowers pictures has been included – very briefly! If you blink, you will miss it! You can view it on my News page on my website.

I am currently showing 5 works in the Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, from today Feb 5  until 8th. Any unsold work will then travel to New York City for the Affordable Art Fair there from March 25-29 2015.

My 2 images of Michael Jackson (Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience) are going to The Riverside Gallery, Richmond , London, for the exhibition ‘Metamorphosis’ from 22 Feb – 16 May 2015. songs of innocence - CopyThese works were made for Devon Open Studios 2014, to fit the literary theme – the titles are taken from the collection of poems by William Blake.

The image of MJ before he died contains guns, skulls, skeletons and items of a sinister nature while the image of young MJ contains toys and innocent (neutral) objects.songs of experience - Copy

These works fit the metamorphosis theme well as Jackson’s image transformed throughout his life. However, I am not entirely happy with them… I like the works as individual pieces, but – if I were to make them again as a pair, I would use a full-face pose of the young MJ, and better matched tones of grey. It’s amazing how many shades of grey there are!! (50?)

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