Kiss Me Kate finished!

Yesterday, I did some more work on William’s mouth and had a ‘Eureka’ moment as I finally worked out how it should go! I turned the original photo upside-down and could see the outline of the upper lip in shadow which I hadn’t identified before. Seeing the area as a series of light and dark shapes, I was able to correct my work akiss me kateccordingly.             Happy with it now!

On Friday I collected 3 new base boards from my framer and experienced a tingle of excitement from the smell of the boards in the car, in anticipation of starting new work. I love beginning a new piece – as I find materials, I sort them into individual, colour-co-ordinated  carrier bags or boxes for each future work. Starting a new work is a bit frenetic as I almost rush to find places for the larger interesting materials. Filling in the smaller gaps later on is much less interesting! I get so engrossed when I’m working that I completely lose track of time and cups of tea frequently go cold!

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4 Responses to Kiss Me Kate finished!

  1. Wonderful picture Jane, and congrats on the film!
    I can almost feel the excitement you’re talking about… with me, it’s the cups of coffee which go cold! 🙂

  2. Eileen says:

    Hi Jane, Love your work. What type of support do you use? I read ‘boards’ in your post any special type? I love collage and recycling I would like to try something similar.

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