Pictures from an Exhibition

From the Private View of Contemporary Classics on Friday 26 May, Words and Pictures Gallery, Teignmouth               (until 9 June)

A very enjoyable evening!

(Apologies for poor quality images, taken on my phone!)


Three lovely friends in front of works by Anna



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Another Contemporary Classic …

Just in time for the Contemporary Classics exhibition, I have completed a new      Japanese Bridge, after Monet. Here’s a preview of the new work, collected from the framer today:

 Contemporary Classics, an exhibition of playful homage

by Anna Grayson and Jane Perkins, 

27 May – 9 June 2017

Words and Pictures Gallery, Little Triangle, Teignmouth, TQ14 8AX

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Inspiring the next generation?

This week I enjoyed visiting a local primary school to speak to a class of 5 and 6 year olds about my work. They are working on a project to make a rainbow from recycled materials .

Using lots of visual images I gave a (very brief) history of the use of recycled materials in Art (Picasso started it!),  spoke about my own work and showed some images of work by other artists making similar work. I also showed some examples of school projects (see the schools page on my website ) to inspire the children with their art project. The class gave me a great welcome and asked lots of intelligent questions before we played a sort of ‘I Spy’ game to find toys in the 3 works I had taken with me.


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Adele arrives in Australia

Remember the teasing eyes? (13 Jan)

The finished commission of Adele has now made the long journey from the UK to her new home in Sydney, Australia!

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Experimenting with Looser Style??

For my latest work, I’ve been trying to experiment with a looser style, using larger materials and approximate shapes and colours. I’ve found it so hard to change my habits!! In my head, I know what I want to produce but turning it into reality is so much more difficult!

Here is my (unfinished) Madonna and Child for an exhibition in my village church in June (Art in the Aisles, Kenton Chuch, Devon, UK June 17-18)

The work includes cards of buttons, buckles, tape measures and fabric embellishments,    so I’m thinking about calling it Haberdashery Madonna

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Photoshoot for Coming Exhibition: Contemporary Classics

I am collaborating with Anna Grayson in an exciting exhibition to be hosted by the new Words and Pictures Gallery in Teignmouth (Devon, UK)

We both re-create famous works of art with a contemporary twist, hence the title of the show Contemporary Classics.  Anna makes photographic reconstructions often using herself and husband Des as models. I love art with an element of humour and Anna’s work really makes me smile. Last week we had great fun working on some publicity images for the show, using Jason Noble (owner of the W&P gallery) to model, somewhat reluctantly, as Van Gogh. With his magnificent ginger beard, Jason’s anguished expression came naturally with his discomfort in the role!                                               Contemporary Classics will run from Friday 26 May  to Friday 9th June 2017 (inclusive)


Having fun – me, Jason and Anna


Homages to Hokusai’s Great Wave

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Another Lion in the Pride

Amazingly, Pride sold on the very first day of the Finders Keepers exhibition – sooo happy! Last week I completed a second lion to be shipped to NYC Afforable Art Fair with Will’s Art Warehouse – a good example of how 2 works from the same image are the same yet different. The deadline was very tight and I just managed to complete the work in time for framing the day before transport to London arrived at 6.30 am. On the framing day, I woke up realizing what was not quite right about the face so made some stressful major last minute changes  – a reminder that it is always good to live with a ‘finished’ piece for a couple of weeks to see any final readjustments needed. On finishing, the sky was dark and it was raining hard – therefore impossible to photograph the work outside in natural daylight as I like to do. So Pride II was snapped indoors using a flash…


Pride II



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