La Grande Vague

Eco-awareness and the use of recycled materials in Art and is now part of the zeitgeist. It is something that children easily relate to and is akin to junk modelling.

Just as I take inspiration from great works of art and give them a contemporary twist, in turn I receive messages from teachers around the world, sharing images of their students’ art projects inspired by my work. (What an honour!) I show these on the School Projects page on my website.

Last week I received a picture from a teacher in La Rochelle, France and I love it so much that I wanted to show it here! Stephanie’s class of 27 ten year olds made this interpretation of Hokusai’s Great Wave (La Grande Vague). I think it’s really wonderful!

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2 Responses to La Grande Vague

  1. Loren says:

    It’s fab! Kudos to you for the inspiration.

  2. US Jane says:

    What a wonderful job they did!

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