Introducing Leonard

So the final 4 works have gone to be photographed and made print-worthy.                      The new lion is named Leonard after actor Leonard Nimoy (aka Spock) as there are several Star Trek dolls (from a local charity shop) in the mane:

The kennel Shrine has returned from exhibition and is again taking up too much space at home! I’m trying to think of somewhere where it could provide a focus of interest/talking point (not necessarily for sale but open to offers) like a window display to draw people into a shop…

Any ideas???

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8 Responses to Introducing Leonard

  1. Anna Cull says:

    Leonard is fantastic! So very clever. As for the Shrine, perhaps you could lend it to an organisation such as Battersea, especially in the lead-up to Christmas? Love your work : )

  2. Loren says:

    Gorgeous! Love the colours!

  3. janeperkins says:

    Hi Loren – thank you so much! x

  4. Tressa says:

    Do you have a shop to purchase your art? These are fantastic!

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Tressa – where are you based? Do you have specific works that you prefer?

      At the moment, commissions seem to have taken over from making work for general sale in galleries.
      I have some big commitments for 2019 but if you wish to know more about prices etc, do let me know

  5. Dorothy says:

    Hi Jane, I am also interested in learning how to purchase one of your works! I am sure Leonard is already taken, but lions are my joy!

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