Visiting a Wonderful School in Geelong

Still in Australia, I was delighted and privileged to be invited to speak about Art from Recycled Materials to Year 9 boys at St Joseph’s College, Geelong. The invitation came from the school’s Sustainability Co-ordinator, Kelly Jenkins, as part of the school’s response to the year of ‘Living the Golden Rule’. From her introductory address:

“As the world population continues to escalate, there is an ever increasing need to become more resourceful and sustainable with our finite resources. This necessitates a move away from a linear economy toward a circular economy… one that involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and using waste products from one system as the raw materials of another.”

The boys proved a great audience with lots of intelligent questions asked at the end of the presentation.

Seeking a creative response to ‘Living the Golden Rule’, the college is to commission me to create an artwork to represent its faith and identity, using plastic and other found materials, collected by the students of St Joseph’s College.                                                                                                                                                                                                        How exciting is that?!

Below R – with two of the lovely staff, Nicole and Kristen, modelling WEARABLES!

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4 Responses to Visiting a Wonderful School in Geelong

  1. Fay Fuggle says:

    How lovely to be able to visit Geelong and talk about your work. Did you tell them how long it takes to make your art!

    • janeperkins says:

      HI Fay – great to hear from you! It was such a lovely school – I answered lots of questions. Got back last night – feeling very discombobulated today! x

  2. Louise Barrett (Clyst Heath) says:

    Hi Jane

    I needed to let you know that this week we have finished another ‘Recycled plastic toys’ collaboration with 42 reception children. The last time we did one was about 6 years ago, and you came in to show us some of your art work. (We’d love to invite you in again sometime, if you have the time?)

    We have been learning about keeping our environment clean and how rubbish can cause harm to humans, plants and animals. We would love to show you our Recycled Rainbow, which was created using a mixture of unwanted or broken plastic toys, and paper that was heading for the bin! We made individual collages then pieced them together.

    We are just looking for the best place to display it!

    Here’s a photo!



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  3. janeperkins says:

    Hi Louise – that’s great news! I’d love to see your new work but the photo didn’t arrive. Please will you email it to me and I’ll add it to the Schools page on my website (if you would like that) Jane x

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