Van Gogh at The Lume, Melbourne

Also in Melbourne, Van Gogh at The Lume is an interactive exploration of the artist’s work using moving images, lights and classical music.

One can sit in Van Gogh’s bedroom for a photo or have a coffee at the famous Cafe Terrace at Night (below right.) [Apparently this painting ranks second in a list of most reproduced artworks 2000-2010, with The Starry Night, also by Van Gogh in first place.]






The  cafe still exists and is renamed Cafe Van Gogh (below right). Looking at this photo, Van Gogh was correct when he wrote to his brother that “the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day.” 


At The Lume, one could also visit a room of Sunflowers and mirrors, or be inspired to get drawing in a designated area.




To be honest, I found the show a bit gimmicky and kitsch and would prefer to see an exhibition of original Van Goghs – but I can see that it might be a good way to attract a new or younger audience to the world of Art. There were certainly many school parties visiting, as well as smaller children wandering around freely and dancing to the music. I’m glad I went!

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2 Responses to Van Gogh at The Lume, Melbourne

  1. US Jane says:

    That was in Indianapolis, Indiana and is touring around the US. My husband and I went to Indy to see it. It was fun and when leaving all the lights there were three actual Van Gogh paintings there. It’s very immersive to be “inside” a painting! Monet is coming to Indianapolis next and he’s my absolute favorite! My husband may not be up to that trip as he’s having spine fusion on his neck next week. If not, I’ve told him I’ll go alone! Not going to miss that one! Number one on my “bucket list” is to go to Monet’s actual garden and home!

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