“Winter’s Song” – Robin Finally Finished!

After many a false start and detour, I think I’ve finished my Robin. My experiment with vintage fabrics for the background didn’t work out – I was going to post an image here on 22/4/22 but it looked so bad that I decided not to!

So I scraped the fabrics off, painted the background with white house paint and started again. Now it looks cleaner and more restful to the eye – a Robin against a winter sky.


The bird’s wing tip is the clasp from my late father’s briefcase which he used every day in his teaching career. I found the pieces of wood on the wing and tail whilst out walking. The paler wood of the underbelly arrived in a shoebox from Loren in London!





And now here’s my earlier effort with the fabrics – I loved the colours but there was just too much going on! 

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2 Responses to “Winter’s Song” – Robin Finally Finished!

  1. Hilary Lazarus says:

    It’s stunning!!!

    Hilary Lazarus 0414 442 414


  2. janeperkins says:

    Thanks so much Hilary – I’m glad you like him x

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