Robin in Progress

I’m making this Robin for the exhibition to be held at Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, Devon, May 28 – July 23. It’s from a photo taken by my husband whose hobby is bird photography. John’s photos are very sharp, showing every feather and I thought (naively) that I could replicate that detail. However, it’s impossible! And I actually think I prefer the ‘rougher’ areas with larger components on the wing and lower body, to the smaller details in the orange-red breast.

Actually, now I’ve taken the photo, I think the breast needs to be much more orange and less red. Very often, problems become more visible in a photograph because I’ve been looking at the real thing for so long.

The blobs of blue-tac are there because I use it all the time to try positioning things before I glue.

The next dilemma will be what to do with the background … Originally I was planning to fill it with white and sparkly things (as I also intend to use the image for this year’s Christmas card) but now that the sun’s shining warmly, it doesn’t feel quite appropriate for an exhibition in May!

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2 Responses to Robin in Progress

  1. US Jane says:

    I like the red. It really brightens it.

  2. janeperkins says:

    Thank you Jane – but I still think it needs to be more orange – I’ve been fiddling this afternoon!
    Hope all well with you x

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