New Frida – almost complete

This week, I thought I’d finished the latest commission of Frida Kahlo. However, having taken a photograph, I can now see a couple of things which need last minute ‘tweaks’. It’s fascinating that I very often notice details in a photograph that I didn’t see in the actual work. For example here, I think Frida’s R eyebrow (on the left to us) needs extending slightly and her R ear needs more definition … Back to the work room!

Fabulous Beasts will finish this Sunday. It’s been such fun to work with Janec, and an absolute privilege to exhibit in beautiful Powderham Castle. After taking down the show, the next task will be packaging and shipping those works which have sold.

Following that, my plan is to launch the ‘Wearables’ necklaces on Instagram – a scary venture for a technophobe like me! Oh yes – and to de-clutter my work room (again!)

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2 Responses to New Frida – almost complete

  1. US Jane says:

    I agree about the eyebrow but the ear just looks like it’s in a shadow! But I know you have to change what bugs you!

  2. janeperkins says:

    Ha ha Jane – so true!

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