Exciting (ridiculous) New Venture!

I’m making good progress on the Frida Kahlo commission but, as usual, lacking just the right flesh tones to finish her face. But it’s getting there …

Meanwhile, here’s a clue to the ‘new venture’ I mentioned in my last post:

There was so much interest in the wacky necklace I wore to the Private View of the Fabulous Beasts exhibition that I decided to make a few to sell in aid of a local conservation charity.

Each necklace is made from pre-loved toys and beads on aluminium wire. Each has an individual title and my WEARABLES label. Some have a new magnetic fastening and others have a recycled clasp from an old necklace. Of course they are ridiculous, but if you’re looking to make an entrance – Ta Daaa!

Here are (from left) Rozzie wearing Eligible Dudes, Rozzie wearing To Boldly Go, and Maddie wearing Pretty in Pink.








The one below is called When I Grow Up I Want to Be






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2 Responses to Exciting (ridiculous) New Venture!

  1. Loren says:

    What a wonderful idea! I particularly love ‘Eligible Dudes’.

  2. janeperkins says:

    Thanks Loren! My son is getting me started on Instagram so I hope to sell a few via there.
    I’m such a technophobe myself – I need help! x

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