Dante and More Problem-Solving!

The shipping of Dante to Italy proved rather a nightmare due to new Brexit rules and the need to classify every shipment by content, detailing all materials used. I could find no code which fitted my work and, with crossed fingers, labelled it ‘Personal Effects’.           The following morning, day of collection, I was contacted by the courier to say this description would not be acceptable. The man was exceedingly helpful and, having asked him to look at my work online, he went away to investigate for half an hour and came up with a suitable code for ‘Collages and other Decorative Plaques’ (which of course I can use in future shipments too.) Thank you Chandra!

Dante reached Florence safely and the client likes it – always a relief! I forgot to say in my last post that the work is going to be used as inspiration for a nationwide recycled art competition, for which I’ve been asked to be one of the judges. Different and exciting!

Now working on a new piece, once again I find myself struggling with the background (as happened with Marmite the dog.) This is another portrait commission (top secret at the moment!) for someone who loves quirky art and bright colours.

I had intended to use a kind of braid to make wallpaper (like on The Raj’s Emerald) but found nothing suitable in my supplies or anything I liked on eBay or Etsy. I’d painted the background gold to underlie the braid, but today I’ve just over-painted in a deep turquoise  and will wait to see if it works. Although I always start out with a clear idea in my head, things evolve as I’m working and very often don’t end up as I imagined at the outset!

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