News of the Show, and a New Work

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, trying to sort out a few last minute issues at the exhibition. The castle is packed with items of interest, each with its own audio description. Our work is dotted around the castle and we were advised by a PR friend that it needed to be held together with some ‘branding’ to join it all up.  Written information next to each work has now been added. Each has a deep yellow header which makes it clear that this is all one exhibition. (Janec’s work is so thoughtful and clever that you need to know the thinking behind each piece to fully appreciate it.) All done now and I have to say it looks wonderful!

I’ve also been working flat-out on a new piece to go to Florence with a tight deadline – just completed yesterday. It’s a portrait of Dante (b 1265, Florence) and considered to be the father of the Italian language. His Divine Comedy was the first work of literature to use vernacular Italian rather than Latin, and influenced English writes such as Chaucer.

Here is the original painting and my interpretation:








The work will be framed tomorrow for shipping on Monday. Phew!  It’s going for exhibition in a shopping mall, along with the touring set of prints.

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