Splashing the Cash for Sir Timothy

So … the show will go on at the castle in August! I’m so happy and relieved after all the time and money invested in it. 

The image left was taken at the recent photo shoot. I’m holding the unframed work in front of the antique portrait  behind. This is where Sir Timothy will hang; on the beautiful Rococo staircase full of ancestral portraits.



As befits Sir Timothy’s status in life, I’ve splashed out on a hand-moulded antique-style gold frame for him. (The image (right) was taken in my garden.)

Alec the framer tells me that the real antique frames were covered with gold leaf and are worth £1000s.

There are hundreds of framed portraits in the castle. Derry, (estate manager), confirmed that many of the frames are worth more than the paintings they hold!


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2 Responses to Splashing the Cash for Sir Timothy

  1. US Jane says:

    Absolutely LOVE it! A favorite of mine of your work. Everything you do blows my mind but this has so much whimsy incorporated in it!

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