Marmite Finally Finished!

I think I’ve struggled more with this picture than any for a long time – eventually reverting to a background of mixed green ‘stuff’ with an occasional hint of pink/purple to echo the tongue.  The right hand side of the face has been revised a few times and (finally) I am HAPPY with him!

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8 Responses to Marmite Finally Finished!

  1. Julia Barnard says:

    He looks great, Jane!

  2. Loren says:


  3. caronessel says:

    Hi Jane, I’m happy, too! Absolutely lovely colours (my favourite green!:) and such a lovely „open“ face. I have such a pleasure to look in this face – and also to zoom in to all the nice bits you used. I’m so sorry for you about the cancellation of the exhibition in P. Castle. It ‘s sad and disappointing but … it will be good in the end for something we don’t know yet. (That’s what my grandma always said.) Kind regards! C.

  4. US Jane says:

    Marmite looks happy, too! Gorgeous as always!

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