Plug pulled on Exhibition at Eleventh Hour

I am so sad as I write this post:

Three days ago, I received an email from the manager of Powderham Castle with the devastating news that the Fabulous Beasts exhibition will not go ahead this year.                  I am still in a state of shock!

“We have been hit by huge delays and financial burdens on the other projects that have been underway, and I am afraid that we do not have enough time or resource to get the spaces ready for the exhibition.”

The plug has been pulled soo late in the day – we were due to open on July 25 – and we are still reeling.

Janec and I also had to make the decision to pull out of Devon Open Studios – this bombshell came on the same day that the DOS brochure was being signed off to go to print.

As our exhibition was site-specific, we have decided to postpone the show to 2022, sincerely hoping that resources will be found to renovate the exhibition rooms as planned.

Thank you all for your support.

(PS Marmite still in progress!)


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6 Responses to Plug pulled on Exhibition at Eleventh Hour

  1. Sean F says:

    I’m so sorry Jane. It seems as if Powderham waited as long as possible to do everything they could. I’m glad to know they are still committed to it next year. But all of your work and planning have been quieted and it’s hard to know where to go next!

    • janeperkins says:

      Thanks Sean – I can’t believe it took the castle until the very last minute to realise that they couldn’t make it work. Our worry now is how do we know it will definitely happen next year? Janec and I are still considering possible options …

  2. Julia Barnard says:

    Ooo NOO, Jane! The hubs and I had planned a 50th anniversary trip to England, which got canceled due to covid. I had convinced him to plan another based on the dates of your show! So sorry and sad for you.. So much work.(!). They will surely be shown elsewhere because so fun and enjoyable! 😜😜

    • janeperkins says:

      Oh Julia – it would have been so lovely to meet you! I’m not sure you would have been allowed to travel to the UK any time this year because of Covid – maybe in 2022???

  3. Nancy Dutmer says:

    Oh crap!!! Sorry

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. janeperkins says:

    That sums it up perfectly Nancy! x

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