Still No Decision!

Still undecided about Marmite – the paint will be so thick by the time I’ve finished! I added the crumpled tissue background and tried a pale icy blue colour, but wasn’t happy with it. Then reverted to green but it’s still not the result I’m looking for.







In the past, I overheard a comment that my purpose in making a tissue paper background is to ‘cut corners’. This isn’t the case – it’s purely about finding the right solution for the piece.  There is a texture to the tissue that adds interest. Sometimes a solid background of plastic ‘stuff’ overwhelms the picture. And with Marmite, there are fine hairs coming from the ears that would be lost against a busy background. But the hairs are grey and rather lost against the green anyway. (I’m just thinking aloud here!!)

The white colour of the middle of the 3 images is the most accurate. Right hand image – it’s the same as the middle image but looks darker: just experimenting with a few small circuit boards to add interest??? (Probably not!) Now I’m wondering if the original lighter green version (below) worked better (Aargh!) I think I’ll just live with the piece for a few days and await inspiration!




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2 Responses to Still No Decision!

  1. US Jane says:

    My personal favorite is the middle one. Not to light or dark. The ear hairs seem to stand out better (at least in the photo). They completely disappear in the pale blue and I don’t really see them well in the dark green.

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