Gustav the Giraffe

Where has the past month gone?!

I’ve been working on a giraffe in the style of Klimt, hence the name “Gustav”. The idea was to make a stylised giraffe in Klimt’s decorative style, against a background inspired by one of his lesser known works (below):

I had a clear image in my head but it isn’t looking quite as I imagined! I think the whole piece would look better at a much bigger scale with more room for larger decorative elements. But it’s working well enough – here’s a small area of the neck … more to follow…

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4 Responses to Gustav the Giraffe

  1. Wow…I like where you are headed!

  2. janeperkins says:

    Thanks Crystal – wait and see!! x

  3. US Jane says:

    Wow! So much detail in every spot!

  4. janeperkins says:

    Hi Jane – hope you like the end result! x

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