Introducing The Revolutionary Feminist Iguana

Here’s my latest Fabulous Beast – The Revolutionary Feminist Iguana…

This one was great fun to make – I love the colours and am so happy with it.

Some details – the small textile sample (bottom R in image below L) is something I made during my degree course using heat-shrinking fabric (I can’t remember the name), beads and orange fishing line found on my local beach.

(Meanwhile, the frog remains unfinished, awaiting its fate…)



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7 Responses to Introducing The Revolutionary Feminist Iguana

  1. Nancy Erickson Dutmer says:

    Jane, Love it! Here’s one I did about 12 years ago. Mine is all sewn on, but I also used vintage sari fabric on it. I called it “My Dear Departed great Aunt Lizzy.” 24” x 4’ Your colors are fab!! Keep up the good work! Nancy


  2. US Jane says:

    OMG! That’s amazing!!!

  3. Loren says:

    Fab – wonderful shading in the colours!

  4. janeperkins says:

    Thanks Loren – it’s was good to use colours I’ve not needed for a while (like the blues) as I’d built up a good collection of materials to choose from x

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