A Good Progress Day!

Life’s a funny thing! Yesterday I was working on the Fallow Deer and nothing went right. But today, everything went just as I hoped!

Yesterday I applied navy tissue paper to the background with some scrumpling for texture. I then applied a black/blue paint to create a night sky but the result was that it looked too dark (well, black actually!) and ‘dead’. Today, I managed to rescue it with a lighter (dark) blue, applied with scrunched tissue paper, and it magically came back to life.

I added the pieces of sea-glass from Lake Michigan (for falling snow) until the superglue ran out so I’ll post an image when I can get more glue to finish things off. (I wish now that I’d taken more photos of the changing work in progress – the whole thing looks so different now from when the background was just brown hardboard.)

In the meantime, here’s a little teaser relating to something to be found in the picture – a miniature tea-cup and saucer which I bought in a junk shop. (The tiny saucer measures 6cm across (2.5 inches).

All will be revealed in my next post!




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2 Responses to A Good Progress Day!

  1. Hilary Lazarus says:

    Would love to see the new pieces, HIL

    Hilary Lazarus 0414 442 414


  2. janeperkins says:

    Hi Hilary – How are you?? Good to hear from you.
    I posted an image of the new lion (called Bourbon) on my Blog on December 1st.
    The Frog is on hold until I get more materials. I’ll post an image of the deer (Fallow) today.
    Love Jane x

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