The Evolution of Ideas

After a very quiet and unusual Christmas, it’s been wonderful to start work again. A break of a few days has enabled me to look at work-in-progress with fresh eyes – to see things which need changing, which I’d been unable to see before…

I’m working on two pieces for the Fabulous Beasts exhibition at the moment – a frog and a fallow deer. The frog is becoming quite OTT – I’m aiming to place him in a jungle setting under strands of a green beaded curtain, cascading down…

I’d started working on the fallow deer before Christmas without having any idea of how to complete the background. Then on Christmas Eve, I received a package from Suzanne in Chicago, Illinois – beachcombing finds from the shores of Lake Michigan. This included a collection of ‘sea glass’ – some white, some green. Suddenly I had a vision of the fallow deer against a blue/black night sky with snow falling (pieces of white sea-glass) as an echo of the spots on its coat. The idea is still in my head at the moment but I’ll be working on it this week – thank you so much Suzanne!

I work intuitively. Things are not planned carefully! The way in which ideas develop is fascinating – ideas evolve and get solved along the way and I love the process!

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6 Responses to The Evolution of Ideas

  1. Katie says:

    Love your work! Your VanGough inspired sunflowers are amazing! I can imagine that it has been hard to collect your materials during covid. What amazing friends you have! I have always been drawn to various kinds of mosaic -china, stained glass, scrap metal, vintage jewelry, buttons, beads and more. I feel like i can relate to you and your art in the search for the perfect piece for a specific spot. The collecting and searching for materials is part of the fun! Im anxious to see your frog.

    • janeperkins says:

      Thank you so much Katie – I feel you are a kindred spirit!
      Although I receive some materials from friends, much of what is sent to me comes from people I’ve never met – they like to be part of the process of making the pictures and trying to spot what they have contributed! It’s wonderful and I’m most grateful.

  2. My cousin in NYC sent me a photo of your Santa. I laughed cuz he didn’t know who made it! I sent him your info and told him I was actually on your blog once! Happy New Year and keep creating!~Nancy

  3. merstew007 says:

    Your work is so amazing! Your process so interesting. I am so thrilled to own 2 of your fabulous pieces.

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