News, Ponderings and Happiness

My RSI is improving and I’m able to work again in short bursts of 20 minutes at a time.  This has made me so happy!

I’ve been able to start working towards the 2021 exhibition at Powderham Castle, about half a mile from my house in the village of Kenton, Devon. This will be a joint venture with another local artist – taxidermist Janec van Veen whom I first met about five years ago. I’m fascinated by his beautifully executed, unique and slightly disturbing creations, inspired by mediaeval chimera. (Google him!) We will be putting on a joint show with the working title of “Fabulous Beasts”, taking inspiration from items within the castle, heraldry and fantastical mediaeval creatures.

For this reason, I’ll not be taking on any new commissions for now. Janec and I have been given quite a large space in which to exhibit – a new exhibition area being developed from what was previously the gift shop in the courtyard. It’s currently being given a makeover with a new roof, new floor and new paint on the walls – very exciting but also daunting!

I’m also in the process of having a new website created. For a long time, it has looked cluttered and a bit tired – I’m hoping for an entirely new look. Watch this space!

About a year ago, I blogged that I was feeling unsettled in my work, suffering from “art envy” and looking to find a new creative direction. I had an idea to try mosaicking – I still have all of my parents’ old china stashed in a spare room, awaiting inspiration! However, every time I try a move towards something different, I long to return to my glue gun and found materials. Perhaps this is my “true self”???

So, for now, I am content to work in this way and do what comes naturally …

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