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I came across some old art diaries this week. Long before I started this Blog, I was making notes to myself about ideas, useful quotations and exhibitions seen.

In 2011 I discovered the work of American artist Deborah Sperber. She creates works from thousands of reels of cotton which form the pixels of an upside-down image. Viewed through a convex lens or acrylic sphere, the image is concentrated and turns the right way up. Very clever!

Writing about Sperber’s work in Embroidery magazine, Jessica Hemmings says:           “light hearted can be underrated … in the current global climate, light hearted takes on an increasingly vital role of escape, distraction and easy intrigue that provides a necessary counterbalance to an increasingly disturbing reality.” Hear, hear!!

You may recall that a few months ago, I wrote about wanting to develop new ideas and move away from commissions. Well it hasn’t happened and I’ve been very grateful for commission work which has got me back into the habit of producing work again – and loving it. It’s better to do something than wait in a vacuum for ideas that don’t come! [See previous Blog 28/12/19 – Another Wonderful Book  (Art and Fear)]

In my 2011 diary, I’ve also quoted Deborah Sperber on commissions: “I like responding to something rather than picking from an infinite number of potential ideas.”

It’s certainly easier!

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