Title revealed and an Agatha Christie Mystery Solved!

I’ve decided to reveal the title of this work as many of you, my loyal Blog followers, are not based in the UK and very unlikely to see the Agatha Christie exhibition!

So here it is: The Raj’s Emerald

Also, I’ve finally discovered what’s happening about the event and why I hadn’t heard about it …

The main event, a touring exhibition with 80+ artists, has been postponed until 2021. However, from tomorrow, there will be an extra ‘Pop-Up Show’ at Powderham Castle, with about 40 artists taking part. The historic castle in my village (and yes, it is as grand as it sounds!) is re-opening now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted. It happens that Anna Fitzgerald (who is the organising the Agatha Christie event) is currently Artist in Residence at the castle and was asked at the last minute by Lady Devon if she had any art which could be hung for the season.

Unfortunately I found out about the event too late to be included in the brochure. However I worked so hard to finish the work on time so want to show it. (Apparently an email had been sent to me but didn’t reach me because of a typo in the address.)

Now it all makes sense – mystery solved!

Mystery at Powderham Castle, Kenton, Devon

July 24 – August 30

Restricted Opening hours – 11.30 – 3.30. Fri/Sat/Sun

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2 Responses to Title revealed and an Agatha Christie Mystery Solved!

  1. US Jane says:

    This is so cool! I’m wondering about the background. Is that fabric or a printed paper? It’s gorgeous!

  2. janeperkins says:

    Hi Jane – glad you like it! Please see my previous blog entry of July 20th where I explain the wallpaper x

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