Home Schooling in Lockdown

Because my work is accessible to children, I frequently hear from young people using it as inspiration for a school art project. It makes me happy that I can inspire creativity in someone else. I get messages from teachers and children all over the world – this has been a wonderful and unexpected part of my artistic life.

Last week, I had an email from a teacher who had seen my name in the Sunday Times in connection with home schooling during the Corona virus lockdown (I had no idea!) She scanned and sent me the cutting which she had kept:


During lockdown, I’ve been contacted by a few schools setting home schooling art projects using recycled materials – from Dubai, Los Angeles and Argentina, as well as the UK.

It’s been lovely to be included in these art projects and to be sent images of the children’s work. (I was hugely honoured when one school linked my name with that of Tony Cragg!)


Here are a couple of examples – really stunning work …

Sea-Free by Neal, year 5 Bristol

Girl with Balloon, after Banksy by Lily, Devon


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2 Responses to Home Schooling in Lockdown

  1. Sandra Bell says:

    How lovely to be inspiring a whole generation

  2. janeperkins says:

    Thanks Sandra! I would never have dreamed this a few years ago

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