Art-life in Lockdown

What a very strange and unprecedented time we are living through!

Artists are fortunate in that they can immerse themselves in their practice and be lost in ‘flow’ as they immerse themselves in their creativity and block out the outside world.    Grayson Perry made this point in his wonderful TV show for lockdown – Grayson Perry’s Art Club (Monday evenings 8pm Channel 4.) For pure escapism and joy, I thoroughly recommend it.

I’ve been enjoying time for reading and have just finished a wonderful little book about John Ruskin by Suzanne Fagence Cooper – To See Clearly: Why Ruskin Matters.      Ruskin taught drawing as a means to help everyone to really see the world around them. As well as his life as an artist and art critic, the book encompasses his social thinking and information about his complex personal life.

I’ve been working (very slowly) on a commission of Frida Kahlo – spending hours on minor changes to shading on the face, rather than cleaning the house! (What’s the hurry? I can’t get it framed yet!) It’s been very therapeutic to lose myself in the process of looking and colour matching.

The purple headdress has proved problematic and am now happy with my third attempt. In the 3rd try, I discovered the close association between certain shades of purple and shades of brown. Using more colour variation created greater depth and a more pleasing result.

Images of work in progress:

First attempt – headdress of ‘purple things’, mouth looks too sad, little definition to left of nose…

Second attempt – started but did not complete using purple braid – too bright and uniform – needs to recede more. More successful shading on face – to left of nose, below nose, chin, mouth…

Third attempt – shading on headdress using purple/black/brown. Better – receding…

Now I need to complete the background, fill in the gaps and clean up the whole picture.


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3 Responses to Art-life in Lockdown

  1. Loren says:

    Looking good!

  2. Ying Ji says:

    Hello Jane, I love your artwork. I am organizing a children’s recycled art competition, wondering if I can use one of your image as the inspiration to teach kids how to do recycled art?
    If you have any questions, feel free to email me:

    Thank you very much.

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