Help to Save the TAAG Arts and Community Centre

The story

Over the past 10 years, TAAG volunteers have transformed a rundown garage space in Teignmouth, Devon into a thriving home for the arts and community. It includes galleries, workshops and a community hub at the heart of Teignmouth’s Arts Quarter. The council were persuaded to spare the building from demolition by overwhelming support from users and local people. TAAG now has charitable status and is buying the building from the council to refurbish it and to secure this fantastic facility for the benefit of the public.

TAAG has launched a Crowdfunder as part of their fundraising to meet the costs of the building purchase, essential maintenance and associated expenses. The initial target was £200,000. Thanks to the generosity of donors and a fundraising exhibition by artists they have almost reached the halfway point. This Crowdfunder aims to raise £60,000 which will allow TAAG to reopen.

In the future, after vital access and maintenance work is completed, there are plans for a second phase of grant-aided refurbishment on the upper floors, including the provision of studios and other facilities. These will generate income to ensure sustainability and to help support future activities.

There is never a good time to ask for money. With the country in lockdown and great uncertainty for many, this time is especially bad! However TAAG made a commitment to buy and save the Arts and Community Centre for the benefit of the local community. Please read the story and contribute to this project, if you can. Thank you for reading this!

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  1. Richard Liam says:

    You are awesome.
    – Richard, from Malaysia

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