Welcome to 2020!

When I began writing this Blog, it was to share ideas about my own work. Lately I’ve become aware that it’s also become a kind of ‘Art Diary’ for me – an aide-memoire about exhibitions and things I’ve seen. I hope you will forgive this – I’ll shortly be posting something about my recent trip to Australia! I hope you will find something of interest in it…

In September, I wrote about my idea to make a mosaic sculpture for the garden from the cracked and chipped crockery in my parents’ house. Well, I’ve made a start.

On Thursday, I had my first mosaic lesson with Michelle Greenwood-Brown at Voyage in Teignmouth. What joy! A small group of people at different levels, working on their own piece with individual attention from Michelle. I’m a complete beginner and spent two hours just playing with the tile cutter and learning how to mix the cement. Baby steps! Lovely to be back creating something after the Christmas break…


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1 Response to Welcome to 2020!

  1. US Jane says:

    That sounds like fun! I would think with the type of art you create you will be a natural at this!

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