Another Wonderful Book!

I’ve recently read a wonderful book which I would recommend to any practising artist – or indeed, anyone struggling with their work. Called Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland, it came out in 1993 but I’ve only just discovered it – and have been giving it to, or recommending it to all my art friends!

Art and Fear is a non-fiction book written by artists for artists. The point of the book is to help the young and/or struggling artist survive in the art world and to conquer the various difficulties, obstacles and fears that the developing artist faces. These difficulties come in two varieties: internal and external.

I found the book to be encouraging and life-affirming. (Many of the pages seemed to be written just for me!) From it I have taken three helpful points – that every artist needs:

  1. A goal
  2. A support network with other artists
  3. To keep making art. (Don’t stop!)

I cannot recommend it too highly!

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4 Responses to Another Wonderful Book!

  1. westdeanie says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Jane – I’ve ordered it!

  2. Anna says:

    I listened to this book as an audiobook in January and immediately ordered a paper copy. I loved it! As you said, it’s affirming and also motivating without being trite.

    (P.S. I teach art to all ages in a small town in Minnesota, USA. You’re one of my favorite artists to show students to encourage them to make art out of anything and everything. Thanks for the inspiration!)

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