Father Christmas

For the past few years around this time, my Father Christmas picture has been shared on social media, generating an annual flurry of requests for prints and cards. I am posting here to say (with regret) that I cannot produce any.

The picture I made in 2010 was adapted from a painting by a contemporary US artist, Dean Morrissey. I made it for my own home (it comes out every year!) and also printed Christmas cards for my personal use. I do not wish to breach copyright laws and have tried to contact Dean (who has no website of his own) through galleries which sell his work, to ask for permission to reproduce my version of his painting. As I have received no reply, I will be unable to make reproductions.

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2 Responses to Father Christmas

  1. Deb Kennedy says:

    Jane, your artwork is absolutely STUNNING! What an amazing talent you have for turning everyday items into beautiful assemblages to delight the eye. I’ve seen your Santa portrait piece many times on social media – sadly, almost always without attribution to you. I shared it on my fb page the other day, and have been searching for the artist responsible for that beautiful and clever piece – I am SO happy to have found you! I will add your name and a link to the Creative Boom website story on you to the photo I shared. Are you still creating artwork, and do you sell it? I’d love to share that link, as well. Happy Christmas…. Deb K

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