Sunflowers Finished with Joy

After going through a creatively dry patch this year, it was wonderful to discover that constructing the new Sunflowers was just what I needed to get back into work mode again. (Perhaps when ‘stuck’, one just needs to do something?) I’ve rediscovered the joy in my work. And in the process of making, other creative ideas are beginning to emerge, which is an exciting feeling…

This work will soon be on sale at Words and Pictures Gallery, Teignmouth.

I have one (long awaited) commission to make before Christmas and then???

Already I have some new ideas I’d like to try…



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4 Responses to Sunflowers Finished with Joy

  1. US Jane says:

    It is funny that you and I are going through a “dry creative spell” at the same time! I started a piece for someone who really can’t afford to pay as much as I really should get so I’m not putting the buttons on their sides, which to do it the way it Should be done, in my opinion. But I’m not happy with it so I probably will fix it, put in a ton more work and give her the best deal in the world. I have to be happy with it. But I’m so uninspired it’s been hard to get to it.

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Jane
      I think I’m coming out of my dry patch now – and hope you soon will too. Best way forward is to do your best work and be happy with it I think. But it’s hard to work when you’re not ‘feeling it’

  2. Loren says:

    Gorgeous picture!

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