In Limbo Land (and a brooch)

Many hours last week were spent in a ruthless re-organisation of materials I’d had in my work-room for years and not used. The room was in need of a major overhaul – I could no longer  walk across the floor! Now things are tidier, and my headspace feels clearer too.

I want to move my work forward – but HOW? (That’s the million $ question!) My mosaic course doesn’t start until the New Year. I feel in Limbo Land, awaiting new inspiration!!

In the meantime, I reverted to an old idea and have just finished making a brooch as a commission for a wedding present. I am really happy with it. The brooch is decorated with broken jewellery, and mounted on a weathered background – in this case an antique wooden frame from Italy. It hangs on the wall as a piece of Art, can be removed to be worn and replaced. (I made pieces like this for my degree show called Weathered and Worn back in 2006, and still make them occasionally.)

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5 Responses to In Limbo Land (and a brooch)

  1. Beth Camp says:

    Can’t imagine you are stuck in limbo land if you can make such beautiful art!

    • janeperkins says:

      Ah Beth – thank you but the thing is I feel I’ve had no new ideas for a long time…
      I liked making the brooch but it was reverting to an idea I first had 14 years ago.
      Is it enough to keep doing the same thing over and over?
      I’d love to find inspiration for a new idea – but there is no way to force that.
      It either happens or it doesn’t. Am I making sense?!!

  2. keakakui says:

    If you’re still looking for inspiration, I am the Creative Director for an international art project which is repurposing a “herd” of blown plastic mechanical horses (approx 36″ long) into art pieces. If that might pique your interest, or provide some inspiration, and you might consider coming onboard, please let me know. ~Jaci

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Jaci – Thank you! I’m certainly interested to know more about the project. Please can you send a photo of one of the horses – I can’t imagine a blown plastic mechanical horse! My email is

      • keakakui says:

        Sorry for the delay in my response, Jane. Have been away on a trip, but I’m back and you shall have my full attention. I’ll shoot you a pony photo and project info by email.

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