Mosaic Inspiration

I’m in Cornwall for a few days on my own – to rest and recharge my batteries after a stressful time with my Dad’s illness, death and funeral. It’s been lovely to have time to think, read, smell the sea air, swim, and visit some galleries before I return to sorting out Dad’s house and affairs.

Amongst Dad’s belongings are the china/crockery items which were the backdrop to my childhood and embedded in my memory. Almost every single thing is cracked or chipped – typical of my parents to not throw anything away! The china is of no financial value – BUT a rich source of art materials for a project. I plan to make a mosaic sculptural work for our garden, in memory of my Mum and Dad.

I’ve never tried mosaicking before so intend to go on a course in the New Year with Teignmouth mosaic artist Michelle Greenwood-Brown. I’m so excited by this opportunity to try something new, to produce a memorial for my parents and develop our garden, all at the same time…

I have always loved the Gaudi mosaics in Parc Guell, Barcelona and  last year, was introduced to the work of Candace Barhouth at an exhibition in Bath. Wonderful!

Image result for candace bahouth mosaics

Image result for candace bahouth mosaics

Candace Barhouth mosaics


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2 Responses to Mosaic Inspiration

  1. US Jane says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to not only learn and try something new, but what an ideal way to honor your parents.

    Good luck sorting through everything. I had to do that with my mom’s house a few years ago. What a job! Some things touched me deeply and some things made me really question, why did she save THIS??? I did find some super cool items as well. Pace yourself.

  2. jane perkins says:

    Many thanks Jane – I’m super excited about doing this – but the actual making won’t happen till next year, so time to sort everything and plan …x

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