Rome Trip back ON!!

I can hardly keep up with all the changes of plan! The Rome trip  is now going ahead but a week later (July 24) and the exhibition will be in a different shopping mall. Apparently, the Aquaduct arch is not the logo of the Aqua group after all. Each mall (in the Aqua chain) has it’s own individual logo so the arches image (which I was looking forward to recreating) is no longer appropriate. The logo of the new mall is a red arrow – just too boring – so, after much discussion with my agent and the mall, I am going to make a portrait of a Roman woman from a fresco at Herculaneum. I am very excited about reinterpreting this ancient image with a modern twist!

Originally, the Mall wanted me to work on and finish the picture in situ and leave it there. This would have been possible with the Arches which was a simple image. However, the portrait will take so much longer – but, as a demonstration piece, is a better illustration of what I normally do.

I had to explain that the final stages of pulling off the excess glue from the glue gun and painting the last glue coat takes several hours and would be very boring to watch! And I would not want to be under pressure or leave something unfinished or of which I wasn’t proud.

So my plan (which they have agreed to) is that I will start the process here at home, ship it to Rome before the exhibition, work on it there in the mall for a day, then ship it back home to finish off, and send it back as a gift! As they are paying for my travel and hotel costs, plus some generous spending money, this seems very fair. It should be quite an adventure – though I’m a bit worried about the heat!

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5 Responses to Rome Trip back ON!!

  1. Janine Willson says:

    This sounds very exciting!

  2. denisepettit says:

    I’m so happy it’s working out for you! Love the image you chose!

  3. Loren says:

    Great image – so much better than the Colosseum!

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