Rome update – and the joy of losing oneself!

Well – what can I say? Change of plan. The print exhibition around Italy is to go ahead as planned but I am no longer required for the opening of the Rome shopping mall and have been told to postpone the Logo!  To be honest, I’m not really sure what’s happened at their end but my trip is off!! A disappointment – I was looking forward to the adventure – but a relief at the same time!

However, they do still want an original work to tour with the prints and I’ve just completed making the close up of Klimt’s The Kiss. I am grateful that the imminent deadline gave me the impetus to get back working again. The painting is such a beautiful work and I have loved studying it’s construction and colours. I have enjoyed that wonderful feeling of losing myself and all track of time in the moment of creativity.

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2 Responses to Rome update – and the joy of losing oneself!

  1. Meredith stewart says:

    Oh my gosh! That KISS is amazing! I just love it. Really exceptional like all your work. I hope they take good care of your work while it is traveling around. So sad when I read about your incredible dog house chapel. Congratulations on another wonderful completion.

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